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      Who defines what the digital future should look like? Well, all stakeholders should have a say in this discussion – policymakers, civil society, mobile operators, civil agencies, and (I add) educators. 

      After an engaging presentation on Digital Transformation, I knew I had a concern regarding one of the stakeholders – educators. They were not really represented at the IGF 2019 in Berlin. It seemed very unlikely that all the valuable information on the digital future will reach teachers and schools any time soon.

       And the report that was presented would be an amazing tool for any teacher or principal to work with and incorporate its findings into a school program, but do the teachers and principals know about this report? Do they have a copy? I leave this to you to answer. 

      I decided to raise this question and ask David and other presenters: How can we reach more educators, as they are the ones working with the next generations and preparing them for the (digital) future, and yet they do not really have access to (or information on) reports like this one?”

      All the answers were genuine and informative, and yet, there was no particular framework on how to reach educators all over the world. Some shared their country’s policies and programs that help educators get involved more, others emphasized the importance of public and private sector collaboration.

      One of the speakers outlined that the spirit of education and transferring the learning is extremely important and she believes that it will take ambassadors to reach out to more educators and that we need an integrated approach. 

      You can watch the whole workshop here as it contains some great examples of multi-stakeholder approaches and public-private collaboration (the link goes to YouTube and is not available in China). 

      It is clear that without all the stakeholders being involved we cannot make a big impact. But how can we make it easier for educators, curriculum designers and literally everyone in the education field to stay updated and know what future to prepare their students for? 

      We are doing our best at EduHarbor to provide top information to educators, and we would love to hear your thoughts on the question above!

      Margarita Lukavenko


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      Thank you for the interesting article. Well, to help spread awareness to educators means creating more awesome platforms like EduHarbor across the continents. This will allow more educators to become aware of such valuable information and become more involved. I would speak for Africa and say many teachers and school heads aren’t privildged enough to read about such conferences and innovations going on in the world and how they as educators can take part. So in a nutshell, I think making efforts to connect to those that appear disconnected is one way to make it work.

      Chisha Marumahoko

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      this is so cool!

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