Small-scale empirical research paper by Margarita Lukavenko as a part of MBA in Educational Leadership (2023-2024) at Professor Mark Curcher's course "Curriculum Design and Implementation"

"Exploring Generative AI in Education: A Mixed Research Study Among MBA in Educational Leadership Students and Alumni"

GenAI in education Mixed Research MEL (click to read)

     This work © 2023 by Margarita Lukavenko is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 

Bing Ai generated image "Generative AI in education"
Bing Ai generated image "Generative AI in education"

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Zoe Cao | China Marketing

Hi! I am an educator majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. After teaching in public schools for a while, I began to work as a marketing manager in an online education platform, while continuing to volunteer teaching kids in a local library. I constantly seek new ways to make a difference with impactful projects that help both privilaged and left-behind children.

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