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      There is a big challenge of getting people to use technology, and there’s even a bigger challenge to educate people on how to use technology in a secure, sustainable and impactful way, or in other words, how to develop digital skills. Over the discussions and presentations that I have been attending and participating in at the IGF 2019 in Berlin over the week, there were a few key points highlighted repeatedly, and I would like to share then with you here.

      1. Tech and Skills. We should stop fostering isolated skills, instead, we should focus on developing interdisciplinary skills. An example was given by one of the speakers is that if you learn farming in Norway you need to use computers as your cows are practically online. We need digital skills across the entire board – in every area of life. 

      2. Tech and SDGs. Sustainable Development Goals cannot be reached without the new technology, so we need to make sure people have access to internet and that the content is relevant, as well as that digital literacy education is provided along the way of providing access. 

      3. Tech and Jobs. The main concern that working people have is that their jobs will be taken over by technology as his question arises: ‘why should we learn about technology if that means giving away our jobs?’ Experts suggest to continue highlighting and educating on the main point – that technology is a tool, and people need to learn to use it as a tool. For example, analyzing and interpreting data, managing expectations is something that humans will do better than machines. And the knowledge of technology will definitely add extra points to a job application. 

      Do you agree or disagree with these points?

      Welcome to leave your comment below and stay tuned for more posts from Berlin!

      Margarita Lukavenko

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