This page is meant to serve as professional development support for people working in the education field. Links and files here are not for mass dissemination but for personal use of the colleagues who work in the education field. We offer links and files that were created by thirty parties and that are available for public downloads in other web sources, and we have no influence on the content of these links and files. For this reason, we cannot accept any liability for the materials presented on the Research Papers Page or for any external content. The respective author or provider is always responsible for the content of the material and the linked pages. We believe that information should be open and accessible and we always state the authors of the papers, however, if there is any concern on the user or publisher’s side, they should promptly send us an email (contact@eduharbor.com) with their concern and we will be glad to respond at the earliest possibility.

Other parties have ownership interests in the Data contained on this page. The EduHarbor in no way represents or warrants that it owns or controls all rights in all Data, and the EduHarbor will not be liable to users for any claims brought against users by third parties in connection with their use of any Data.
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Users shall not infringe upon the integrity of the Data and in particular, shall refrain from any act of alteration of the Data that intentionally affects its nature or accuracy. If the Data is materially transformed by the user, this must be stated explicitly along with the required source citation.

Users who intend to sell any Data presented on this platform as part of a database or as a standalone product must first obtain permission from the stakeholders who own rights to the materials published here.

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