Mobile Library

In a bid to promote a learning culture amongst the less priveledged and diffrently abled children in Zimbabwe and Zambia, I began a mobile library project. Second hand books, toys and any educational materials are collected from different parts of the world and sent to the aforementioned countries. The project will be an ongoing project that will be run in mainstream schools that have special resource units where children with learning disabilities are currently being taught.

It is aimed at promoting an inclusive learning approach to educational programs. As evidenced from many projects, children with learning disabilities are often left out. So it my dream and hope that such children can also benefit from reading books and playing with educational toys. 

Since the program recently began in March, we have managed to acquire a few books and toys and a number of people have shown interest in partnering with us.  Resource mobilisation is still ongoing, and resources will be distributed once the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.   

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