World Education Day Assembly – Innovation Reshaping a Bright Future

World Education Day

World Education Day Assembly – Innovation Reshaping a Bright Future

by World Education Day
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With the intention to promote the newest educational concepts around the world and facilitate an education equipped human society, the World Education Day is first initiated in 2017. The World Education Day Assembly collected educators, professors, experts and educational institutions from all over the world to exhibit and exchange their unique educational concepts that are from various cultural background.

Chinese ancient great educator, was born on the 28th of September, 551BC. The 2020 World Education Day Assembly will be commemorating Confucius to disseminate Confucianism domestically and to exhibit Chinese culture to the world.

Education, one of the hottest topics of nowadays, is crucial to the progression of the society. Whether we are really producing university professors as a result of our education, education will not be eliminated as long as we want to stay in our civilized shape. With that being said, the 2020 World Education Day Assembly will provide a platform for everyone who cares about education to observe today’s world in the education spectrum, to explore what could be better, to share research results and to absorb from fellow researchers.

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