2019: Global Skills Index 2019

  • Title: Global Skills Index 2019
  • Author: Coursera
  • Description: Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Coursera Global Skills Index, an in-depth look at skills around the world. This report comes at a critical time— as the Fourth Industrial Revolution of automation and artificial intelligence are transforming the world of work. With technology advancing faster than humans can adapt, the skills required to do most jobs are evolving quickly—a real challenge to the careers, companies, and countries that are fueled by them. In order to keep pace with this change, governments and businesses must upskill their workforces to build, manage, and leverage new technologies. To guide workforce development decisions, they must first understand how the skills of their populations stack up in Business, Technology, and Data Science— the fundamental skill domains of the future. With Coursera’s Global Skills Index, they now have the insights to do just that. With 38 million learners and over 3,000 courses from the world’s top universities and industry educators, Coursera has one of the largest skills databases. This first edition of the Coursera Global Skills Index draws upon our rich talent insights to benchmark 60 coun- tries and 10 industries across Business, Technology, and Data Science skills. This report is a unique, data-driven perspective on the global skills market. In the Coursera spirit of transforming lives through learning, we hope it serves as a beacon for governments, businesses, and indi- viduals as they set out to upskill their workforce and transform for a new tomorrow.
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