2019: Education on the Belt and Road

  • Title: Education on the Belt and Road
  • Author: The British Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Description: As BRI education projects have grown in scale and scope, the need for a set of standards for such projects has become increasingly expedient. These would act as guiding principles for new and established BRI partnerships, clarifying best practice and upholding the ideals laid out in ‘The Education Action Plan for the Belt and Road Initiative’. The BritCham Education Forum has outlined nine benchmarks that are divided into three broad areas. Benchmarks for knowledge exchange, quality and congruence will ensure high standards and rigour in the education delivered by BRI partnerships. Benchmarks for transparency and accountability, reciprocity and diversity of involvement will ensure projects are carried out in the spirit of fiscal responsibility and opportunity. Benchmarks for local engagement and empowerment, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability will ensure the outcomes of BRI partnerships are both ethical and sustainable. We believe that incorporating these benchmarks will support businesses in delivering projects with a far-reaching and lastingly-positive impact on the countries involved.
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