2019: Children and Young People Financial Capability Deep Dive

  • Title: Children and Young People Financial Capability Deep Dive: Parenting
  • Author: Dr Gavan Conlon, Viktoriya Peycheva and Wouter Landzaat (London Economics)
  • Description: The experiences children and young people have growing up, and what they learn about money during that time, have a profound effect on their chances of having good financial capability later in life. Parents and carers are central to children’s development, but the detail of the influence of parents on children’s financial capability has never been explored in depth. This study uses the Money Advice Service’s Children and Young People Financial Capability Survey to examine the links between parental financial capability, attitudes and behaviours around how they show, talk, and teach their children about money, and their children’s financial capability. It reveals significant new findings around the importance of parents, helps us understand more about which parents and children may benefit from additional support, and helps identify the ways parents (and those practitioners who support them) can take actions that are likely to link to better financial capability for their children.
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