2018: Technology in US schools: Are we preparing our kids for the jobs of tomorrow?

  • Title: 2018: Technology in US schools: Are we preparing our kids for the jobs of tomorrow?
  • Author: PWC
  • Description: A recent study conducted by PwC in conjunction with the Business- Higher Education Forum shows a concerning gap between the digital skills business leaders need to build a workforce of the future and educator’s ability to prepare students to meet those demands. The study has significant implications for workforce preparedness and the US economy. By 2020, 77% of all jobs will require some degree of technological skills, and there will be one million more computing jobs than applicants who can fill them. That means there’s a growing need for workers trained in STEM skills but a shortage of graduates who have them. In fact, according to PwC’s annual CEO Survey, 79% of US CEOs are concerned that a shortage of people with key skills could impair their companies’ growth. “The idea that hard work and determination are enough for anyone to become successful in America seems to be evaporating,” says Shannon Schuyler, head of PwC’s Responsible Business Leadership practice. “We believe that building the careers and the financial and technical skills of young people from underserved communities has never been more important.” In order to better understand the struggles teachers face in helping young people acquire digital skills, PwC conducted a survey of more than 2,000 K–12 educators in spring 2018. We also aimed to explore strategies to help educators equip students with the technology and career-readiness skills they need to be prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
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