2006: The History of Curriculum or Curriculum History?

  • Title: 2006: The History of Curriculum or Curriculum History? What is the Field and Who Gets to Play on it?
  • Author: Bernadette Baker, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Description: ABSTRACT The field of curriculum history is a relatively recent phenomenon in the study of education. How the genesis of the field has been reviewed and constructed by historians is reflective of the ways in which the field constructs the objects of study that comprise its content and emphases. This paper explores some of the tensions inherent to labelling and describing the construction of the curriculum history field within the contexts of Australian, English and New Zealand academies. I argue that while tensions exist within the ways in which curriculum history has been constructed in different national contexts, these tensions contribute to similar erasures of who and what is studied through the historical lenses employed. Attention to these blindspots that currently characterize the field requires a methodological shift in historiography that combines the multiplicity of perspectives that some poststructural theories enable with structural concerns over traditional and continuing forms of group oppression.
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  • Pages: 117

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